GLONASS satellite system malfunctioned


The problem with power supply led to a temporary failure, which occurred on the night of July 14 with the ground tracking system for GLONASS satellites.

It was reported by Information and Analytical Center (IAC) of Coordinate-Time and Navigation Support of the head research institute of the Russian Space Agency.

“Currently, the problem has been eliminated. It should be noted that there was no interruption in the work of the GLONASS system, all satellites functioned normally,” said in the statement.

Previously, it was published on the IAC website that about 1 hour before midnight terrestrial equipment stopped receiving coordinates from all satellites.

Currently, the GLONASS system has 27 satellites, 24 of them are used as intended.

In April 2014, 8 satellites of the GLONASS system failed all at once for a half an hour. At that time the problem was caused by onboard software setup.

Source: TASS