Theresa May told about real threat coming from Russia


British Prime Minister Theresa May has opposed nuclear disarmament of the United Kingdom, recalling the “real threats” coming from Russia and North Korea.

“Some people suggest to us that we should actually be removing our nuclear deterrent. This has been a vital part of our national security and defence for nearly half a century now and it’d be quite wrong for us to go down that particular path,” she said during her first speech at the Parliament.

“Threats to the UK from countries such as Russia and North Korea remain very real,” she added before the parliamentary voting on submarines equipped with nuclear ballistic missiles Trident.

During her speech, May also accused Russian President Vladimir Putin’s of the desire to undermine the norms of international law.

“As we have seen on the example of the illegal annexation of the Crimea, there is no doubt in Putin‘s desire to undermine the rule-based international system in order to move forward in the pursuit of his own interests,” said May.

Source: BBC