Journalist Pavel Sheremet killed in Kiev


Police said it was a murder.

Journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed in Kiev on Wednesday, July 20. According to Ukrainskaya Pravda (“Ukrainian Truth” – RRT), Sheremet died after his car blown up at an intersection.

Sheremet was driving the car. The explosion occurred at 7:45 am local time on Wednesday morning, July 20, shortly after Sheremet left home. The car belonged to the head of “Ukrainian Truth” Alyona Prytula. She was not in the vehicle.

  • Pavel Sheremet is a known journalist of Belarusian origin, who worked in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Since the mid-1990s he worked on Russia’s First Channel, first as a special correspondent, and then as a host of news programs, and a documentary filmmaker. Recently Sheremet lived in Ukraine.
  • Pavel Sheremet was 44 years old.