Wall Street Journal: Russia bombed American base in Syria


Russia bombed a base used by American and British units in Syria near the border with Jordan, having “mistaken” it for a rebels outpost.

It was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

U.S. officials say the Russians aimed not just the rebels, but rather the base for covert operations of elite British and American units. About 20 British commandos left the base the day before the incident, which took place on June 16.

British officials did not comment on this information.

According to the source in the U.S., and 2 commanders of the Syrian rebels, Russian aircraft dropped cluster munitions on the base. After that, U.S. commanders contacted their Russian colleagues, and warned that the base is involved in the U.S. campaign, and must not be attacked.

In approximately 90 minutes after the warning, an American aircraft detected a new wave of Russian aircraft attacks on the base. 4 Syrian rebels were killed as a result of Russian air strikes.

Sources told the WSJ that after a Russian plane returned to the air base in western Syria on June 16, the Pentagon has demanded an explanation from Moscow. The Russian military initially reported to their colleagues at the Pentagon that Russian pilots struck at the base indeed, but they thought it was a position of the Islamic State.

However, the U.S. side did not accept this explanation, given the existence of fortifications of unique characteristic of American and British bases in the region. Later, the Russian military said they could not cancel the strike, since Washington did not provide the exact coordinates of the base.

After the attacks, the U.S. side provided Moscow with some additional information about American operations near the border with Jordan. According to WSJ sources, the United States also advised Moscow to stay away from the border area.

Source: unian.net


Image: Reuters