Vehicle with classified equipment was stolen from FSB general


A huge scandal has erupted in Russian city of Kaliningrad. The chief of the regional border management FSB general Oleg Lutsky had his official vehicle stolen. The SUV was stuffed with classified military and government communication equipment.

As reported by Kaliningrad media, most likely the high-ranking officer will have to retire.

There are different versions of the incident: first, a 2-year Toyota Land Cruiser could have been stolen by the “offended” smugglers. Second, colleagues are considered: they could’ve tried to set the general up in order to take his post (which could be very “valuable” in terms of potential multi-million dollar bribes). The ones who is suspected the least, are foreign intelligence services, since if they wanted to take possession of secret government communications equipment, they would have done it quietly.

Nevertheless, the story of the theft of the Toyota is already being compared to an episode of World War II, when the British navy managed to get famous German cipher machine Enigma. Thanks to this, the battle for the Atlantic has been won. It is still possible that the equipment will make its way to Western intelligence agencies anyway: if the expensive SUV was stolen by common criminals, most likely it has been disassembled for parts already, and now they are looking for a buyer for the communication equipment.

The experts say that the main cause of the incident is slovenliness of both, the general and his driver (a soldier on a contract). Despite the fact that the job description explicitly says to stay in the car at all times, and park it in a guarded garage box in the territory of the Kaliningrad border guard, he brought the general to his apartment, and then drove to his home, where he parked the SUV on the street, and went to sleep. At night the car was stolen. Afterwards, the driver explained his actions by his intent to save on expensive gasoline.