FSB conducted search at the head of Russian Customs Service


The search is related to the investigation on smuggling 100-year-old brandy under the guise of construction sealant.

In the morning of Tuesday, July 26, the Federal Security Service (FSB) came for a search into the office of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) Andrei Belyaninov. Investigative activities are also carried out at the place of the previous work of his former adviser (currently the head of “Arsenal” group of companies) Sergei Lobanov, Novaya Gazeta reports.

As it became known to media, the search is related to the investigation on smuggling of elite alcohol.

In March this year, businessmen Dmitry Mikhalchenko, Ilya Pichko, and Anatoly Kindzersky were arrested for involvement in this case. According to law enforcements, they brought a party of Courvoisier cognac made in 1912 into Russia, and declared is as construction sealant in customs declaration.

Source: trud.ru


Image: 711.ru