Toxic gas dropped in Syria near site of Russian helicopter crash


As reported by Reuters, containers with toxic gas were dropped near the city of Serakab in Syria, where a Russian military helicopter Mi-8 was shot down.

As the organization Syrian Civil Defense, which position itself neutral, told Reuters, an unidentified helicopter dropped gas containers over the city on Tuesday night, leaving 33 people injured, mostly women and children.

It was noted that the organization released a video on YouTube, where choking people are given oxygen masks.

The organization also stated that its employees who were on the scene of the incident said that the gas that was used was chlorine.

Observers of the Syrian Center for Human Rights also confirmed the use of gas in Serakabe.

In turn, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called this material a “hoax”.

“We do not have information on how the operation is going, and especially it is very difficult to respond to such a hoax. It’s always unclear what they are based on,” Peskov said.

On August 1, a Russian Mi-8 helicopter was shot in the province of Idlib. Two officers and three man were on board, all of them were killed.

Later, media reported that Russian strategic aircraft can return to Syria because of the incident.

Human rights organizations repeatedly accused Russia of using cluster bombs in Syria, and other war crimes.