Syrian rebels broke through blockade in Aleppo


For the whole day on Saturday reports were coming from Syria on fierce fighting in Aleppo.

The combined forces of the Mujahideen and allied rebel groups carried out an assault operation to capture the last stronghold of “the infidels” near artillery base at the Air Force Academy. The object was taken.

It was reported that two army groups of the Mujahideen and rebels joined together in the area of ​​Ramus. The road to Aleppo, which was used by “infidels”, was cut, and is now controlled by the Mujahideen.

During the offensive on Saturday the Mahrukat height was taken. According to the latest data, Aleppo blockade is actually broken. A large group of “infidels” was surrounded.

The refined data on trophies on the captured artillery base is: 27 tanks and infantry armed vehicles, and 60 military vehicles. Shiite general Mahmoud Hussein was destroyed.

The offensive continues. Russian planes fiercely bomb Mujahideen with cluster bombs, hoping to stop the advance.