Young woman was detained for spending too much time in restroom


Alice Kosheleva was returning home on the train when she felt unwell.

She left the train to visit a public restroom, spent about a half an hour in it, and called her friend to pick her up and drive her home. At this point, the employee of the restroom started yelling, and trying to break the door, demanding the girl to leave the room.

“I had a shoot of a chronic disease, accompanied with cramps. It was very bad, so I spent about 20 minutes in there. At this point, the employee of the paid restroom started pulling the door, demanding me to come out in a rude manner, because she was allegedly losing customers,” the victim said. “I told her I could not get out at that moment, I felt bad, but the woman did not stop, and called the police.”

After the law enforcers arrived, they waited for the girl to come out, and then took her to the police office. There she was held for 3 hours. During this time, an ambulance was called twice, because the pain did not stop.

“I do not understand the reason why I was brought to the police office. I was fingerprinted, put into the database, all threatened all the time that I will be forced to go through medical assessment to check that I was not a drug addict, but at the end they never did so,” Alice said. “In total, I spent about 3 hours in the office. All this time the cramps continued. Ambulance was called twice to give me pain killers, but I was not let to the hospital, policemen said ‘we need her here’.”

Eventually, the girl was released, without opening a case, or giving her a fine.