Israeli Air Force attacked Syria


Israeli Air Force attacked targets in the Syrian part of Golan Heights. The strike was made in response to a mortar attack on the Israeli border area.

According to radio station Kol Israel, a mortar shell fell close by the separation fence, near the IDF fortified settlement Bustar. Military sources believe that it was a stray shell. Also it was emphasized that fighting between the Syrian army and the rebel groups are continuing in that area.

The residents of the Golan Heights reported that early warning signal of the shelling did not trigger. A shell fell in an open area, without causing any damage.

According to Syrian media reports, Israeli aircraft attacked the launcher near Quneitra. Syrian sources claim that the attack have caused no damage.

Press service of the IDF issued a statement in which they laid responsibility on the Assad regime for disturbing peace in Israel. The army has also reminded that no such incident will go unanswered.

Earlier, on the night of August 22 the IDF attacked Hamas facilities in the territory of Gaza in response to a rocket launch at Sderot. Palestinians reported 2 injured in this attack.



Image: Ofer Zidon/Flash90