USA supported Turkish military operation in Syria


The United States not only supported Turkey’s ground operation, but also provided them with intelligence data.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden expressed his support for the operation “Euphrates Shield” of the Turkish army in the north of Syria.

During his visit to Turkey, Biden said that military forces of Syrian Kurds should move to the east from the Euphrates river, otherwise they will lose support of the USA.

According to Associated Press, U.S. military advisers helped Turkey to develop the plan of the operation of liberation of the city of Jarablus from terrorists of ISIS. A source in the U.S. administration told the agency that the U.S., in particular, provided the Turkish military with intelligence data and air support before the beginning of the operation.

On August 24 the Turkish army launched a ground operation in the north of Syria. According to the official information, the purpose of military action is “liberation from the militants of the terrorist organization ISIS” the region of Jarablus, which neighbors the city of Aleppo.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, commenting on the operation “Euphrates Shield” in northern Syria, said that “attacks on Turkey from Syrian territory forced us to take decisive action.”

Foreign Ministry of Sirya said that crossing of the northern border of Syria by Turkish tanks and armored vehicles is “a blatant violation of sovereignty.” According to the Syrian side, the tanks of the Turkish army are cover by aircraft of Western coalition led by the United States.



Image: Anadolu Agency