Turkish forces captured two villages from Kurds in Syria


Syrian rebels supported by Turkey captured two villages that used to be under control of the Syrian Kurdish militia.

Syrian Monitoring Centre for Human Rights reports that the Kurdish militia left villages al-Amarna and Ayn al-Baydah. The onset of the Syrian opposition groups takes place with the support of Turkish armored machines.

Meanwhile, as it was reported by military, Turkey has lost its first solder during the more active phase of the operation in the north of Syria. He was killed in a missile strike of Kurdish militias on two Turkish tanks in Syria. Three others were injured.

Earlier this week, Turkish armored vehicles crossed the border to join the operation against group Islamic State, as well as against Kurdish forces fighting in the area.

According to activists, as a result of Turkish air strikes in northern Syria, at least 15 people among the civilian population were killed. Another 20 people were injured after the air strikes on a farm near al-Amarna.

Turkey stated that it would continue military operation to “the complete elimination of the terrorist threat” from the neighboring state.

Ankara fears that Kurdish militants may seize territory along the Turkish border, which would be a huge achievement for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). This is banned in Turkey’s paramilitary organization, fighting for Kurdish autonomy.

Both parties of the conflict – Turkey and the Kurds – are allies of the U.S.

Source: BBC


Image: EPA