Blogger was arrested for chasing pokemons in church


A court in Yekaterinburg arrested blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky for 2 months after the publication of the video where he plays Pokemon Go in a local church.

The trial was held “behind the closed doors”, the decision was made in the absence of the press. The court did not take into account the defense’s argument that the 22-year-old blogger has a dependant mother who was disabled.

According to radio station Govorit Moskva (“Moscow speaking” – RRT) , lawyer Stanislav Ilchenko considered the measure excessive, but the court did not satisfy his request.

The case against Sokolovsky was opened under Part 1 of Article 282 and Part 2 of Article 148 of the Criminal Code.

The video, in which the blogger catches pokemons in the church, attracted the attention of police in Sverdlovsk region in August. The police began checking on the fact of violation of article 148 of the Criminal Code, which implies liability for insulting the religious feelings of believers.

Sokolovsky’s video appeared on YouTube in early August. In the introduction the blogger said that he considers it “a complete nonsense” that it can be offensive if someone walks in a church with a smartphone.

Source: Lenta.Ru