Mothers of children killed in Beslan were sentenced to community service

On the t-shirts: "Putin is the butcher of Beslan"On the t-shirts: "Putin is the butcher of Beslan"

The trial of women who went on a protest on the anniversary of the terrorist attack in the school #1 in Beslan has finished. It lasted until 3 am.

Three women: Svetlana Margieva, Ella Kesaeva, and Emilia Bzarova were sentenced to 20 hours of community service (because they could not afford to pay a fine).

Zemfira Tsirikhova, who did not participate in the rally, but was next to Emma Betrozova at the moment of detention, was also sentenced to community service: for “being in a group of women”, and “making statements.”

Emma Betrozova and Jeanne Tsirikhova got a fine of 20,000 rubles (approx. $300 – RRT): they did not know they could ask for an alternative punishment.

In total, the women spent 14.5 hours in custody, including the time spent in the police department and in the court.

They are going to appeal the court’s decision, and going for medical assessment on Tuesday morning: as it was previously reported, some of them were injured during the arrest.


On Thursday morning, five women who have lost their loved ones in the terrorist attack, organized a rally with T-shirts “Putin is the butcher of Beslan”, blaming the president of Russia for the tragedy.

As it was reported by Novaya Gazeta, the participants were:

  • Ella Kesaeva (her daughter Zarina was a hostage);
  • Emma Betrozova (her husband Ruslan, and two sons, 16-year-old Alan, and 14-year-old Aslan, have died);
  • Jeanne Tsirikhova (was held hostage along with her two daughters, one of them 8-year-old Elizabeth Tsirikhova died);
  • Svetlana Margieva (was a hostage with his daughter Elvira, who died in her arms);
  • Emilia Bzarova (her husband, mother in law, and two sons were hostages, 9-year-old Aslan Dzasarov died).