New resonance documents regarding MH17 crash released in Netherlands


Ministry of Security and Justice of the Netherlands published a new batch of documents concerning the disaster of the flight MN17.

This was reported by the Dutch edition NLTimes.

The court ordered the Dutch Ministry of Justice to publish the data at the request of three Dutch media NOS, RTL Nieuws, and Volkskrant, which appealed to the Freedom of Information Act.

According to the publication, the documents reveal some aspects of the actions of the Dutch government after the disaster. In particular, it pointed out that the Government of the Netherlands from the very beginning believed that the militants are responsible for the aircraft crash.

“New documents are interpretations in the reports of the National Coordinator for counter-terrorism and security, drawn up shortly after the disaster. They are talking of the facts about what happened, those who is responsible, and the problems that were expected,” the report says.

It was noted that some of the documents were published on RTL Nieuws website.

The documents also refer to the number of victims of the disaster, the situation in the Netherlands in connection with destroying the aircraft and a large number of killed citizens.

“If there are signs that the plane was shot down, it will create an additional resonance, especially if it was done intentionally,” quotes the edition the text of the documents.

It was also noted that at the early stages of the investigation the Dutch side wanted the trial to be held in the Netherlands.

In addition, the paper discusses the problems of repatriation of bodies and the complexity of the upcoming investigation.

Earlier, the Netherlands announced that the results of the investigation will be published on September 28th.