Photos from Putin’s meeting with British students were removed by Kremlin’s request


News agencies removed photos from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s meeting with the British Eton College students from their archives by a request from Kremlin.

This was reported by RBC referring to Russian President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“It was a closed meeting, the photos were taken by TASS by mistake. They were removed at our request,” he said.

Employees of TASS photo bank confirmed that the removal of the photos was demanded by the president’s press service. The official spokesman refused to give comments.

As it was explained to RBC by a source familiar with the details of the preparation for the meeting, the photos were asked to be removed because the event was informal, and publishing the photos was not planned. According to him, the initial plan for the meeting was to be official, but it changed at the last moment, and the photo services have not been warned timely.

Putin‘s meeting with British students was reported on September 1 by newspaper Times. According to the media, the preparations for the meeting were held in secret, and nobody in Eton knew about it. Later, Peskov said that the meeting was held on the initiative of the students themselves, and had a “non-public nature.”

One of the participants posted a photo from the meeting on his Facebook.