Ratings of Putin’s party United Russia fall before elections to State Duma


The rating of president Vladimir Putin’s party United Russia has fallen short before the elections. This follows from the data of Levada Center (Russia’s independent sociological research organization – RRT).

In April, 42% of Russian citizens were ready to vote for United Russia, in July this number dropped to 39%, and amounted to only 31% in August.

According to the recent survey, 10% of Russians would vote for the Communists, 9% for the Liberal Democratic Party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, 5% for the Spravedlivaya Rossiya (“Fair Russia” – RRT), all other parties gained 1% or less.

The poll was conducted on August 26-29 among 1,600 people aged 18 years and older in 137 cities of 48 regions of Russia. The margin of error is 1,5-3,4%.

The elections to the State Duma of Russia will be held on September 18. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reminded the Russian authorities that elections are illegal in the occupied Crimea.

Source: gordonua.com