Pensioner set himself on fire in Crimea as protest against authorities


In the city of Yalta in the annexed Crimea a pensioner Alexander Strekalin poured gasoline on himself and committed self-immolation.

According to Yalta’s local website, this way the man tried to draw attention to the actions of Yalta’s authorities regarding entrepreneurs of the Primorsky beach.

Over the past few months, Strekalin and his family defended cafe Hottabych, which, according to the media, the self-proclaimed Yalta’s authorities tried to destroy without a court order.

As a result of self-immolation, Strekalin received severe burns all over his body. He was hospitalized in an unconscious state. Strekalin remained in intensive care of Livadia hospital, where doctors are fighting for his life.

As the newspaper notes, Strekalin is a resident of Yalta, a soldier-internationalist, a participant of liquidation of the Chernobyl disaster, and a pensioner of civil service. For his contribution to the city of Yalta his photo was placed to the city board of honor.

Update: Alexander Strekalin died in the hospital.