President of Transnistria ordered to prepare for accession to Russia

President of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) Yevgeny Shevchuk signed a decree on the preparation for accession to Russia.

The document was published on the website of the Transnistrian leader.

The decree was issued for implementing the results of the national referendum held on September 17, 2006. It is required for the execution of the “will of the people of Transnistria on the voluntary accession to the Russian Federation.”

Among the priorities, Shevchuk named bringing the legal system of the Republic in accordance with Russian legislation. Within 2 weeks the PMR government should create a special commission for this purpose, and provide the Transnistrian leader with a concrete plan to synchronize legislations before November 1. It was noted that the laws that contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation will be identified as not applicable.

In turn, the Moldovan Bureau for Reintegration named the Shevchuk’s decree invalid and provocative.

“It was issued by an unconstitutional authority on the basis of an illegal referendum carried out on a part of the territory of the Republic of Moldova,” said in a statement.

According to Moldovan officials, the initiative of the President of PMR undermines efforts to resolve the conflict.

Transnistria declared independence in the early 1990s. Russia delivers economic aid to the country (according to expert estimates, the annual aid is comparable to the GDP of Transnistria, which is about $1 billion). At the same time, Russia never officially contested Moldova‘s sovereignty over the territory.

In September 2006, Transnistria held a referendum, where the majority of voters supported independence, followed by accession to Russia.

Source: Lenta.Ru