Launch of Soyuz was postponed due to technical problems

The launch of Soyuz MS-02 rocket, initially scheduled for September 23, was postponed due to a failure in the interaction system with the launch vehicle.

The delay can range from two weeks to six weeks. At the same time, the source of Interfax agency on condition of anonymity said that the experts do not exclude other “technical versions” of delaying of the launch.

“The commission will reveal the reasons only after completion of the work,” said the source.

Repairs started on Saturday, September 17. Experts plan to disassemble the fairing of the spacecraft, and then replace the faulty unit. After that, new tests will be held.

According to the original plan, Soyuz MS-02 was supposed to deliver a crew, consisting of two Russian and one American astronauts, to the ISS.

Source: DW