Three men in Ural region tried to kill Donbas militant to collect bounty


Russian militant Alexander Negrebetskikh, who fought in the Donbas for DPR, said that there was an assassination attempt on September 16.

The incident took place in the Russian city of Zlatoust of the Chelyabinsk region, where Negrebetskikh resides. According to him, three drunk men, who learned that Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) appointed an award for his “head”, decided to kill him, and hand over his body to the SBU for money.

Negrebetskikh himself told that to reporters.

“On Friday evening, September 16, I was in my apartment, when 3 drunk men about my age started breaking the door. I knew one of them, Oleg, he lived on the same street, the other two I have never met before. They asked if it was true what was written in the media that the Ukrainian Security Service appointed a reward of $2.5 million. I said that was true, so they armed with broken bottles, shouting “Now we’ll kill you and get the money!” One of the attackers said that he was Ukrainian, and came here from Ukraine specifically for me,” said the militant, quoted by journalists of UralPress.

According to Alexander Negrebetskikh, he was able to neutralize the drunk men, and detain two of them. The third one escaped. The militant handed the detained to the police, but was also put in a jail for some time.

Negrebetskikh said that he did not believe the attack was an assault ordered by the SBU.