Jock Sturges photo exhibition was closed in Moscow


The exhibition “Jock Sturges. Absence of Shame” in the Photography Centre of Lumiere Brothers in Moscow was closed.

According to a correspondent of Gazeta.Ru, the journalists were allowed into the gallery, so that they can evaluate the exposition. The head of the Commission on Security of the Civic Chamber of Russia, Anton Tsvetkov said that the decision to close the exhibition was made in cooperation with the organizers.

“The exhibition consists of about 30 photos, but the ones that caused public outrage are not among them. At the same time, about 15% of the photos are images of half-naked children. We had a conversation with the management of the exhibition, and they cooperated with the Public Chamber: the exhibition is closed,” said Tsvetkov.

Earlier it was reported that activists of the organization Officers of Russia blocked the entrance to Jock Sturges exhibition, as they “discovered child pornography”. The organizers argue that all photos comply with Russian law.

Source: Gazeta.Ru


Image: Gazeta.Ru