Russian MP called Crimea “unbearable burden” to Russia’s budget

According to Russian MP Iosif Kobzon, it affects social areas: health, culture, and education.

“We have taken an unbearable burden: the Crimea. It is indigenously Russian territory, but now we fund it from our meager Russian budget. It affects such areas as health, education, culture, and other important areas,” Kobzon told reporters in Chita.

According to him, alcoholism, drug addiction, and crime are widespread due to lack of funds for culture.

Last summer, during his visit to Simferopol, Kobzon made a more resonant statement, when he offered Russians to collect money not for the treatment of a sick child, but rather for financing of the Crimea. Answering the question regarding the financing of Crimean medical institutions, Kobzon said that a sick child, it is certainly a misfortune, and he sympathizes the mother, but “regarding collecting the money, and curing the child: perhaps it is more appropriate, and more prioritized to raise funds and help the Crimea. To help get the medicine… “, Kobzon said.

Source: Rosbalt