First tanker with shale gas from USA arrived in Britain


As reported by Financial Times, the first tanker with 27,500 cubic metres of liquified natural gas (LNG) arrived from the USA at a Scottish port of Grangemouth, United Kingdom.

The fuel is planned to be used by private petrochemical company Ineos. As stated by representatives of the company, the delivery marked the opening of the “actual pipeline” across the Atlantic, which will supply cheap American shale gas to the British market.

As it was reported earlier, the first batch of shale gas from the USA to Europe was sent at the end of April 2016. The contract for the first European supply was signed by Portuguese company Galp Energia.

European countries have their own shale gas reserves, which amount to about 80% of the explored volumes in the United States, but most European countries either completely banned the method of hydraulic fracturing, or introduced a moratorium until it becomes clear what kind of consequences for the environment it may cause. For example, in France, which has the largest reserves of shale gas in Europe, the ban will be valid at least until the presidential election in 2017.

Source: RBC


Image: AP