Ukraine suspected Russia of preparing air strikes


Ukrainian military intelligence suspected that Russia is preparing air strikes on Ukrainian sites, writes newspaper Kommersant referring to representative of intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadym Skibitskiy.

“Leaders of the Russian Federation continue preparations for possible large-scale offensive against Ukraine… On October 26, using the commitment of the Republic of Belarus as an ally state, Russian combat aircraft in the airspace of Belarus worked out performing of massive air strikes on strategic targets on the territory of Ukraine,” Skibitskiy said.

Ukrainian intelligence spotted a guidance aircraft that was controlling the space in the north-western part of Ukraine, and guiding fighter aircraft Tu-160 and two long-range bombers Tu-22M3 of Russian Air Force, that flew along the border of Ukraine and conditionally fired missiles. Also, two Su-34 bombers were there, working out missile and bomb strikes, said the representative of Ukrainian Intelligence.

At the same time, Ukrainian military experts say they are not expecting an escalation of the military conflict.