Bellingcat: Buk that hit MH17 in Donbas was sent by Russian military command


The investigation team is currently processing a huge amount of records.

Founder of international group of investigators Bellingcat, Eliot Higgins in his interview with Deutche Welle, answering the question about who gave the order to send to anti-aircraft missile launcher Buk that hit the flight MH17, said that Russian Army command was responsible for sending military equipment on the territory on Donbas controlled by separatists.

“Ultimate responsibility for sending military equipment into Ukraine is the responsibility of the command of the Russian military. So, when a specific order came from is harder for us to know, but the joint investigation team has a large number of intercepted communications,” he said. “So maybe in there we have the person who requested the [Buk] missile launcher, and we can see who that request went to. And then we can understand who they would have to have actually spoken to allow that to happen.”

Bellingcat founder stressed that “Russia is well developed in intelligence, war, and deception, but lying all the time does not make a great liar.”

“This is the problem of Russia. Authorities lie too much. There is such a competition: Russian word against the word of the West. If Russia ceases to lie, we will have nothing to write about,” said Higgins.



Image: EPA/UPG