SBU prevented kidnapping and murder of former FSB officer who sided with Ukraine


Intelligence agencies of Ukraine prevented kidnapping and murder of former FSB officer of the Russian Federation Ilya Bogdanov, who sided with Ukraine in 2014.

It was reported by the head of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Vasil Hrycak at a briefing, broadcast by TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The operation we carried out related to intentions of a Russian-led organized criminal group to arrange kidnapping and killing of a current citizen of Ukraine,” said Hrycak.

“We received information that Ilya Bogdanov was kidnapped and illegally held, and was planned to be smuggled to Russia. We created a group, the warhead of which was “Alfa” special ops group. The group was sent to Kharkiv, as Bogdanov was there. After finding the location of the kidnappers, a capture near the border was organized,” exposed details the head of the SBU.

3 people were detained, all of them are citizens of Ukraine. Among them a former deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council. Hrycak added that this is the second attempt to murder Bogdanov, undertaken by the FSB.