Federal Protective Service conducted exercise on preventing capture of Kremlin


On November 17, the Federal Security Service (FSO) held exercise for protecting the Kremlin against unauthorized attempts to get into its territory, suppression of extremist and terrorist activities, as well as against drones.

The Service says that the exercise takes place in the Kremlin, on the Red Square, in the Alexander Garden, on Borovitskaya Square, and at the Manezhnaya Street.

Earlier it was reported that GPS devices no longer receive the signal near the Kremlin, or sets the location in airports Domodedovo or Vnukovo. A source in a telecommunication company said that such malfunctions repeat every 10 days. Blogger Ilya Varlamov suggested that such measures, in particular, are necessary to protect the Kremlin from drone flights, since they can not work without GPS signal.

Source: republic.ru