European Parliament adopted resolution on countering Russian propaganda


The European Parliament adopted a resolution which accused Russia of trying to divide Europe, and called the activities of state media propaganda that is aimed at EU destabilization.

A resolution to counter the propaganda from third countries, including Russia, was adopted on Wednesday, supported by the majority of deputies.

The resolution states that Russia provides financial support to European opposition political parties and organizations, using a factor of bilateral interstate relations to divide the members of the European community.

The document says that Moscow uses “hostile propaganda” against the EU. According to the authors of the resolution, the main information threats to the EU are Russia Today channel (RT), news agency Sputnik, fund “Russian World”, and Rossotrudnichestvo (Russian federal government agency under the jurisdiction of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The author of the resolution is an MP from Poland, a member of group of European conservatives, Anna Fotyga. She also is a member of conservative party “Law and Justice” in Poland.

The resolution, which is not obligatory to the EU authorities, recommends the EU to fight the propaganda more actively, not forgetting the principle of freedom of speech though.

Source: RBC