Silent anti-Semitic scandal between Russia and Israel


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel prefers not to comment on the scandalous statement made by the head of the Information Department of Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

While commenting on the results of the presidential elections in the United States, senior Russian diplomat said that the result was not a surprise for her. According to her, the key reason for the victory of Donald Trump was Jewish money.

“If you want to know what is about to happen in America, who do you talk to? Of course you talk to the Jews. It’s obvious!” said Zakharova.

Her words were greeted with applause from the audience. After, the diplomat spoke with an exaggerated Jewish accent.

“They told me: ‘Marochka, you know, we will certainly give [money] to Clinton. But we will give twice as much to Republicans.’ That’s all! The case is closed. So, if you want to know the future, do not read main-stream newspapers. Our people in Brighton will tell you everything,” told the diplomat, speaking with a burr.

Editors office of addressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel for clarifications whether they know about the scandalous statement, and whether they think Zakharova‘s words are demonstration of anti-Semitism. There was also a question whether the Israeli Foreign Ministry intends to take any official steps.

Press service of the Israeli Foreign Ministry said it would not comment on the words of the official representative of the Russian Federation. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not respond to the question at all.