USA defense budget provides $350 million as military aid to Ukraine in 2017


As reported by TASS with reference to a representative of the Senate Committee on Armed Forces, the U.S. defense budget draft allocates $350 million for military aid to Ukraine.

“The amount of money which us lawmakers propose to allocate to provide security assistance to Ukraine, including lethal weapons, in the next fiscal year increased to $350 million,” said a source.

The decision on how to use this money will be made by the U.S. president. There were no additional conditions provided.

Also, the military budget will allocate $3.4 billion to strengthen NATO‘s position in Europe. To date, the committees of the Senate and House of Representatives have agreed on the defense budget for 2017 fiscal year. The vote will take place at the end of the week. The total amount of the defense budget will amount to $618.7 billion.

Source: RuBaltic.Ru


Image: Erik Pronske/Getty Images