President of Moldova Igor Dodon: Russia should leave Transnistria


The newly elected president of Moldova Igor Dodon denied his pro-Russian position. He stated this in his interview with German TV channel DW.

“I’m not a pro-Russian politician. This opinion is a cliche, imposed by my opponents,” he told reporters.

It is well-known that public support from Moscow helped him become president of Moldova. Igor Dodon had a meeting with Vladimir Putin, also the words of support were expressed by many Russian politicians and officials. Artists from Russia came to the republic to campaign for him. In spite of this, after becoming the head of Moldova, Dodon suddenly changed policies and made some controversial statements.

In his interview with German TV channel, Igor Dodon said that Russian troops should withdraw from Transnistria. According to the newly-elected head of the republic, there should be no foreign military forces in the territory of Moldova.

“I am pro the neutral status of the Republic of Moldova,” said Dodon.

Speaking about the settlement of the Transnistrian-Moldovan conflict, the President said that a gradual solution to the problem is the only true way to resolve the conflict.