Turchynov: Despite Russia’s hysteria, Ukraine hit all targets

Ukrainian rockets fired during testing near the occupied Crimea, hit the planned targets and confirmed their combat characteristics.

This was announced by the National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov on December 1.

“Today, despite Russia’s hysteria and threats to use missiles against us, we carried out military exercises with test launches of missiles of average range. And, importantly, we did it according to the approved plan, at a predetermined time, and in publicly announced place. Missiles hit their targets,” said Turchinov.

NSDC Secretary said that the missiles, that were being tested, can accurately hit both air and surface targets. “They confirmed their combat characteristics and achieved the goal of the test program,” he added.

In general, Turchinov considers that the results of the current missile tests are a “very important step” in the reconstruction of air defense of Ukraine.

Source: dsnews.ua