Israel strikes military air base near Damascus

Israel Air Force fired missiles at a military airfield Mezza in the south-west of Syrian capital Damascus.

According to TASS, the raid was carried out at dawn from the Lebanese airspace.

After the strike, a series of powerful explosions laster for 30 minutes. It is unknown whether Syrian Air Force combat aircraft were damaged.

On November 30, Israeli Air Force fighter jets launched a missile attack on the area of ​​Es-Sabur to the west from Damascus. At that time the Syrian command said there were no casualties among Syrian military and civilian population.

There were no statements from the Israeli side. Earlier, the country’s air force struck in the border area between Lebanon and Syria at the positions and targets of Shiite party Hezbollah who are fighting on the side of the Syrian army.

Source: Vesti.Ru


Image: EPA/Jim Hollander