John Kerry called for end of conflict in Donbas and occupation of Crimea


According to U.S. Secretary of State, that is what prevents Ukraine from building a healthy democracy.

Authorities of the USA believe that the accession of the Crimea to Russia and the conflict in Donbas prevent Ukraine from building democracy and fighting corruption. Such an opinion was expressed by the head of the Department of State John Kerry at the OSCE ministerial meeting in Hamburg, reports Radio Svoboda (“Radio Liberty” – RRT).

“The conflict in the Donbas and the occupation of the Crimea have been going on for too long and at the cost of huge casualties on both sides. In the interest of all parties to put an end to this suffering and hopeless situation. That is why the U.S. continues to support France and Germany in their efforts to act as intermediaries in the Normandy format,” said Kerry.

According to him, Washington also supports the tripartite talks of the OSCE contact group, which includes representatives of both Russia and Ukraine. Kerry recalled the U.S. call for compliance with the Minsk Protocol.

“At the same time, we cannot allow the continuing violence and occupation, which are preventing Ukraine from building a healthy democracy with functioning institutions. In addition, the people of Ukraine fight corruption and insist on the necessary reforms,” added Kerry.