USA will target Russian weapons captured by ISIS in Palmyra

The head of the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition, Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend said the weapons seized during the capture of Palmyra endanger the forces of the coalition.

Townsend said that among the weapons captured in Palmyra there are armored vehicles, artillery, “possibly” air defense systems, and other heavy equipment.

Townsend expressed hope that Russia and Syria will be able to quickly return to Palmyra and neutralize the threat, but warned that the U.S. is ready to strike the city if they see that the weapons are being taken away from it.

“Basically anything they seized poses a threat to the coalition but we can manage those threats and we will,” Townsend said. “I anticipate that we’ll have opportunities to strike that equipment and kill the ISIS that’s operating it soon.”

The General warned: “We can’t tell one side from the other. So we can’t tell if the truck and the armored vehicle is being operated by a regime trooper, a Russian trooper or ISIS fighter.”

Townsend also commented on the situation with capturing Palmyra: “They [the regime and its allies] took their eye off the ball there, the enemy sensed weakness and struck and gained a victory that I think will probably be fleeting.

Townsend said that he believes that the rebels, after loosing in Aleppo, will try to fight in other parts of Syria, but it will not affect the U.S. campaign against the ISIS, including the plans to capture the capital of “Caliphate”, Raqqa.

“Our estimate is they’ll probably go somewhere else that is more important to them, and I won’t care to comment on where we think that might be,” said the general.