Russia and Japan agreed on joint economic activity on Kuril Islands


Russian president Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed on the text of a statement on the joint economic activities on the Kuril Islands.

The statement will say that the two leaders give instructions to start detailed consultations on conditions, forms and areas of joint economic activities. It is not known yet how exactly these activities will be carried out.

According to presidential assistant Yuriy Ushakov, experts have been preparing the text of the statement for several weeks, but were unable to come up with a document that would suit both parties. Putin and Abe agreed on the document in 40 minutes, its contents to be announced on December 16. Ushakov said that economic activity on Kuril Islands will be carried out in accordance with Russian law.

  • Japan challenges the territorial belonging of the four islands of the Kuril chain, not recognizing them as belonging to Russia. Russia, in turn, refuses to recognize Japan’s claim to the territory.
  • The territorial dispute between Russia and Japan is the reason that the countries have not signed a peace treaty since the World War II.



Image: Reuters