Police has blocked miners in Gukovo, not letting them leave the town


Police of the town of Gukovo in Rostov region surrounded nearly 150 miners who gathered outside the office of the company Kingkoul, demanding payment of wage debts and intending to go to Moscow to meet deputy Valery Rashkin.

The amount of wages debt is nearly 300 million rubles (approx. $5 million – RRT). The miners also demand the subsidized coal they are entitled to. In November, the governor of the region, Vasily Golubev asked prime minister Dmitry Medvedev to allocate the money from the reserve fund. The regional authorities have paid only 20 million (less than 7%) of the debt, and then all payments stopped.

The authorities of the Rostov region can not solve the problem. On November 16, MP Maksim Schablykin said that the State Duma needs to create a working group that will address the situation. On November 23, MPs from the Communist Party, Valery Rashkin and Nikolai Kolomeytsev promised to solve the problem of the miners in two weeks, but failed to do so.

The police accuses the gathered people of holding an unsanctioned rally, and the intention to hold a similar rally in Moscow. One of the leaders of the miners’ protest, Valery Dyakonov showed law enforcement officials a letter from Valery Rashkin, who does not object if the miners come to meet him.

A speech of mayor of Gukovo, Gorenko, in which he promised to pay 50 million rubles, was greeted with shouts: “Promises again! Stop lying, we’re fed up with your talks, we want to solve our problems ourselves! Let us out of the city!”

There are about 100 police officers at the scene, also agents in civilian clothes, and 30 Cossacks.

Source: kavkaz-uzel.eu