Russian economist: Ukraine should be split and few million Ukrainians need to be eliminated


Such a statement was made by Russian economist, journalist, former official of Russian Presidential Administration, Mikhail Khazin during a meeting of the club “Russian Outlook”.

“It all depends on what we want. We want to keep Ukraine whole, but loyal to Russia. In this case the Donbas needs to be returned, but the leadership in Kiev needs to be changed… After that, counter-propaganda begins. The people are not really happy there. Of course there are, roughly speaking, a few million people, who can not be ‘fixed’. Well, they need to be partially eliminated, and partially deported,” he said.

He also pictured another scenario.

Novorossiya should join Russia with a complete de-Nazification and de-Ukrainization. A complete ban on the use of Ukrainian fonts, Ukrainian texts, TV shown in Ukrainian, teaching in Ukrainian. In other words: completely. Kiev and the northern part of Ukraine should become an agrarian state… The excess of the population should go to Russian Far East: we need to develop the country. The remaining Western part of Ukraine we should give to Poland,” concluded Mikhail Khazin.

Video (in Russian):



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