Russia ranked last in Bloomberg’s Health-Care Efficiency Index


The index takes into account life expectancy, health-care spending per capita and relative spending as a share of gross domestic product.

Russia took the 55th place in the list that includes 55 countries with population over 5 million people. The positions from 50 to 54 are taken by the United States, Jordan, Colombia, Azerbaijan, and Brazil.

The top positions of the list were taken by Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, and Japan.

In Russia, the average life expectancy is 70.37 years. 7.07% of GDP is spent on health care, which is $893.

For comparison, in Hong Kong life expectancy is 83.98 years, with 5.4% of GDP spent on health care, or $2021.

In the previous ranking, compiled in 2009, Russia also ranked last.

Source: Interfax