Lavrov: Disguised American diplomats participate in Russian opposition protests

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that disguised U.S. diplomats are involved in the Russian opposition rallies.

He did not specify the purpose why the staff of the U.S. embassy does so. According to Lavrov, there were also cases when male diplomats appeared in women’s clothes, and then, after going into the building, dressed in a normal suit in a restroom.

Lavrov also said that American attaché officials “like to drive rented cars in Russia” without special diplomatic plates. They were noticed in Kaliningrad, Leningrad, Murmansk, Voronezh regions, in the Chechen Republic, and “along the border with Donbas“, where they “drove literally everywhere”.

The Minister also spoke about an attempt of U.S. intelligence to recruit an employee of the Russian embassy. $10,000 were allegedly put in the diplomat’s car, Lavrov added.

“Money has been put in a good use by our accounting department, and now working for the benefit of the Russian Federation,” assured the head of department at a press conference.

Another incident occurred in Washington, where members of the Russian diplomatic mission had dinner at a restaurant with their families, and were allegedly “grabbed by the FBI, interrogated, not allowed to contact the embassy.” As a result, Russia has “rescued” them, said Lavrov.



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