First criminal case for “not informing of a crime” opened in Russia


The first criminal case for not informing of a crime filed against a resident of Chechnya Askhab Hizriev, who did not report to the police about his friend’s plans to join a terrorist organization.

According to investigators, Hizriev was aware of the intentions of his friend Farid Safin to go to Syria and join the terrorists. Afterwards, Safin was detained by the police.

The prosecutor’s office confirmed that the criminal proceedings are legal.

Criminal article “Failing to report a crime” appeared in the Russian legislation after the “Yarovaya’s law” was adopted. According to the law, Hizriev faces a fine of up to 100,000 rubles (approx. $1,600 – RRT), community service for up to one year, or imprisonment for the same period of time.

Source: RBC


Image: TASS