Former police officer was killing homeless people to gather an army of zombies


A former police officer in Yekaterinburg accused of four ritual killings and one assassination.

According to sources, he was declared insane and instead of prison he was sent for psychiatric treatment.

After murdering homeless people in the cemetery of the Verkhnaya Pyshma, the former policeman buried bodies of his victims and waited for some time. Afterwards he dug the bodies up and performed some rituals, trying to “revive” the dead and turn them into zombies.

Initially, the criminal case was filed on 5 episodes: 4 religious murders and 1 assassination. According to investigators, the ex-policeman eliminated one of the parties of a local business conflict. However, after the suspect of the serial killings was recognized insane, the court excluded the episodes of “ritual” killings of homeless people in the cemetery from the case.

The prosecution against the mediator of the assassination will continue. The instigator of the murder remains unknown.

Source: Rosbalt