Engines for Proton rockets were recalled because noble metals were replaced with cheaper ones


As reported by Kommersant, all engines for carrier rockets Proton-M made at the Voronezh Mechanical Plant in the last few years are recalled because of the violation of production technology.

Instead of components that must contain noble metals, cheaper ones were used, which were not as heat-resistant, but this was not reflected in the documents.

Thus, dozens of engines might return to the plant, including those that were already delivered to the Baikonur space port. It is assumed that the crash of the space ship Progress in December last year can be related to the found defect.

Double-checking of all engines will lead to a shift in the schedule of all all 27 launches planned for 2017. This will result in penalties for each of the contracts, but Roscosmos says that they prefer do a thorough check before the flights continue.

Source: MK