McCain urged Trump to send lethal weapons to Ukraine


U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain called on U.S. president Donald Tramp to help Ukraine to protect themselves from frequent attacks from Russia.

“In light of the latest Russian attacks and the prospect of future aggression against Ukraine, I urge you to exercise the authority given to you by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 to provide defensive lethal assistance to Ukraine,” McCain said in a letter to Trump.

On January 29 pro-Russian rebels stared an offensive in the industrial area of Ukrainian city of Avdiivka. The clash has been continuing continuously for 19 hours. Five Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 14 wounded and injured.

After that, the terrorists started shelling residential areas Avdiivka from residential areas of Donetsk. Power lines were damaged, and the city got on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. An insurgent arrested in Avdiivka confirmed that the terrorists of DPR started the offensive in order to capture the industrial zone of the city.