Ukraine accused Russia of shooting at unarmed Navy aircraft


Ukrainian authorities accused Russia of shooting at unarmed plane An-26 of the Naval Forces of Ukraine in the Black Sea. Ukrainian president’s spokesman Svyatoslav Tsegolko gave the details of the incident on his Facebook page.

According to him, the aircraft was performing a training flight over the waters of the Black Sea in the economic zone of Ukraine, and got under fire from rags captured by Russia.

Tsegolko did not specify which rags he was talking about. Apparently, he meant one of the gas platforms on the continental shelf of the Black Sea, located in close proximity to the annexed Crimea. Ukraine and Russia are currently having a property dispute in international courts over these structures, and the territory where they are located.

As it was later told by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s press service, “as a result of firing, the damage was caused to the aircraft” – a hole with a diameter of 3 cm. “The crew of the aircraft was not harmed, the An-26 continued his flight,” stated in the department.