Almost 25% of Russians say scientific and technology progress is bad


The results of the study conducted by the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences showed that almost every fourth Russian citizen considers scientific and technology progress harmful.

In the survey attended by over 6000 people from 10 Russian regions it was found that less than half of the population consider the acceleration of technology development and innovation as a positive thing.

30% of respondents said that “technological innovations have no impact” on their lives, 46% complained that scientific progress is “too fast”.

23% of respondents said that the development of science and technology is a long-term threat to humanity. 14% believe that the development of science “does not provide any fundamentally new knowledge.”

The category of “technophobes” in Russia accounts for 24% of the population, another 28% are “techno-sceptics”. Less than a half are “techno-optimists”, whilst only 6% gave the most positive assessment of the development of technology.

The Higher School of Economics confirms the data, saying that the opinion about technical progress in Russia decreased steadily over the past 5 years.

A survey conducted by the HSE in August showed that the proportion of Russians who think that science and innovation is rather good than bad has fallen to 18%, while this figure was from 31% to 34% in the period from 2003 to 2011.