Teenagers were prohibited to play soccer at school stadium in Crimea: the game was called an “unsanctioned rally”


School principal in the village of Krasnokamenka near Feodosiya in the Crimea ousted teenagers from the school stadium, accusing them of holding an illegal rally.

The game took place on March 4 at the school stadium. After seeing teenagers playing soccer, the school principal called the police. After the police arrived, she demanded of the players to stop the game.

According to the players, the director justified her demand by the fact that the teenagers were holding an “unauthorized rally that was not coordinated with the administration of the city.” After the schoolchildren continued the game, the director ordered the soccer gates to be taken off the field.

In a comment to their video the students said that they had never been forbidden to play at a school stadium before. There are no other forms of cultural leisure in the village, they stressed.

“So, what should we do if we’re not allowed to do sports? Drink alcohol and do drugs?” the students wrote.

Source: krymr.com