Eternal flame in Omsk was put out due to lack of funding


Authorities of the Russian city of Omsk (2nd largest city in Siberia, 8th largest city in Russia) decided to put off the Eternal flame in the Victory Park: no money was allocated for the maintenance of the memorial.

According to the local media FlashSiberia, the deputy mayor of Omsk Sergey Frolov admitted that now the Eternal Flame will only be lit a few times a year.

The decision on the memorial was justified in the mayor’s office by the fact that “there is no budget for the maintenance of the memorial, and there are no standards for burning.” However, patriotic people of Omsk were promised that they will be able to see the Eternal Fire on holidays: May 9th (the Victory Day – RRT), and February 23th (Defender of the Fatherland Day – RRT).

The memorial in Omsk dedicated to those who were killed in the World War II was opened on May 8th, 2015. To light the flame a piece of fire from the Moscow memorial to the Unknown Soldier was delivered to Omsk by helicopter. At that time the city authorities promised that the fire would never go out.