Four-year old girl in Siberia walked 8 kilometers through forest to get help


A four-year-old girl named Saglana Salchak walked about 8 kilometers through the winter forest in the Republic of Tyva to call for help. Her grandmother died, and her blind grandfather asked her to get to a neighboring village and tell about the incident.

According to the media, the incident occurred in early February at a secluded shepherds’ camp in the Tere-Khol district of Tuva. Saglana’s grandfather found that his wife was not breathing, and asked his granddaughter to go for help, saying that she would go to the nearest village of Kungurtug if she followed the riverbed. However, the man did not know that it was still dark, and sent the girl to a -24ºC frost outside (approx. -11ºF).

As a result, Saglana walked more than 8 kilometers through the taiga, managed to find the village in 5 hours, and told her mother what happened. Local residents helped the family to call the doctors who treated the girl and went to her grandfather.

“The child was taken to the regional hospital. The girl caught a cold when she walked through the taiga. After discharge she was placed in a social center, where she will stay until May. This was asked for by her mother, who can not leave her camp in the taiga at the moment. In summer they will go to a sanatorium: the Ministry of Social Policy has allocated a ticket for a brave girl,” the deputy chairman of the administration for social policy told the reporter.